The specialty of CDFS as it is operated at each campus; UNISEL Bestari Jaya Campus and UNISEL Shah Alam Campus. Thus, students are able to consult the staff about the administration, registration and classes at easiest way.

Why you should choose CDFS Shah Alam?

Students will love living in the midst of city with the facilities such as public transports, tasty foods, shopping malls, hypermarkets, banks and others. Besides, the students have many comfortable and affordable accommodation choices near our campus, including options managed by UNISEL.


Why you should choose CDFS Bestari Jaya?

UNISEL is committed to provide an excellent and conducive learning environment in order to develop competent, upright and ethical professionals and scholars. Meaning, the mission is also to provide a safe learning and living environment, and it does so in Bestari Jaya. It is different from city campus. It is outskirt campus, Bestari Jaya Campus does not only have in-campus hostels/dormitories but also has many sport facilities: Football Field, Paint-Ball, Area, Synthetic Trek, Sepak Takraw Court, Tennis Court, Rugby Field, Netball Court, Badminton Court(indoor), Ping-pong, Volley Ball, Gymnasium, Basketball Court, and Street Soccer.

So, who will use them? Who will look after them? The answer is students. Shah Alam Campus has its own benefits so does Bestari Jaya Campus.