General Studies (MPU)

General Studies & Malaysian National Subjects (Mata Pelajaran Umum – MPU) consist of units which every student enrolled in a public or private higher education institutions (PHEIs) are required to undertake effective October 2013 intake onwards.

  • Those studies were known as MPW (Mata Pelajaran Wajib).
  • This stipulation is gazetted in subsection 41 (4) Private Higher Education Act 1996 (Act 555) which states that the National Language shall be taught as a compulsory subject for the students if any course of study or a substantial part of any course of study in any private higher educational institution is conducted either in the national language, English Language or Arabic.
  • In relation to this, Department of Higher Education, Malaysian Ministry of Education Administrative Circular JPT / GS1000-606 JLD.1 (25) dated 27 June 2013 provided further explanation on the implementation of General Studies at PHEIs.
  • All Malaysian and international students are compelled to enroll, undertake, attend and pass these units as a pre-requisite to the award of a certificate, diploma or degree


Objective(s) of Students Undertaking General Studies :

The objective of undertaking General Studies & Malaysian National Subjects is to equip students with knowledge and soft-skills such as philosophy, arts and communication in line to produce more intellectual, balanced and holistic graduates.

Subject Structure :

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